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DexGuard is our specialized optimizer and obfuscator for Android. Create apps that are faster, more compact, and more difficult to crack. DexGuard has you covered, automatically applying advanced application protection techniques. Regular updates make sure you stay ahead of hackers and pirates.

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Optimize and protect your apps

DexGuard delivers all the necessary integrated features:

  • Optimize and obfuscate. DexGuard extends the industry-standard features of ProGuard with configuration and processing tuned for the Android platform. If you're familiar with ProGuard, you may want to have a look at the feature comparison.
  • Encrypt strings. Thwart hacking through trivial searches, by specifying the strings that should become invisible in your code. DexGuard encrypts the strings for you, so you don't have to burden your source code and your development process.
  • Encrypt entire classes. Hide important code like license checks or paid downloads, by specifying entire classes that should be encrypted. DexGuard does this transparently and effectively.
  • Encrypt native libraries. Let DexGuard put up a barrier against reverse-engineering of your native code.
  • Encrypt assets. Hide important data as well. DexGuard can encrypt your asset files transparently, so hackers won't just run away with them.
  • Hide access to sensitive APIs. Further harden your code, by letting DexGuard insert reflection to access sensitive APIs, like the standard Android APIs for signature validation or cryptographic operations.
  • Add tamper detection. Let your application react accordingly if a hacker has tried to modify it or is accessing it illegitimately.
  • Thoroughly remove Android logging code. Develop with logging, debugging, and testing code, and just leave it to DexGuard to remove it from your released code.
  • Automatically split Dex files. If you're running into the size constraints of the Dex format, let DexGuard split your code into multiple Dex files. It automatically takes care of all the necessary dynamic loading, reflection, and packaging for you.
Based on our experience, we give DexGuard a hacker protection factor of 35. The combined layers of protection completely break one-click cracking tools and even keep determined hackers at bay.

Get started quickly

DexGuard also helps streamlining your development process:

  • Speed up your builds. DexGuard optimizes, obfuscates, converts to Dalvik bytecode, packages, signs, and aligns archives -- all in a single seamless process. This optimization streamlines and speeds up the entire build process. Shorter development/test cycles make the development process more pleasant and effective.
  • Reuse any custom ProGuard configurations. DexGuard is fully compatible, so you can continue leveraging your expertise and the community's expertise on ProGuard.
  • Stick to your favorite build process. DexGuard integrates transparently in Ant and in Eclipse in the Android SDK. You can also plug in DexGuard in your custom builds, as a command-line tool, an Ant task, a Gradle plugin, or a Maven plugin. Just continue using the development processes that you know.
  • Learn from our examples. DexGuard comes with working samples that illustrate its features, for instance hardening Google's License Verification Library, the in-app billing library, the AdMob library, Amazon's in-app purchasing library, etc.
In short, DexGuard lets you focus on your application, not on its protection. It automatically applies state-of-the-art protection techniques, saving you time, energy, and money.

Enjoy continued support and updates

A DexGuard license always includes basic support:

  • Installation support. Integrating DexGuard in your build process is easy, but we'll assist you if you have any questions.
  • Quick updates. You'll get updates for any issues that you report, typically within days or even hours.
  • Free upgrades for 1 year. We're continuously improving and extending DexGuard, to stay ahead of hackers and pirates. We want to make sure you can benefit from the latest developments.

With gold support, we additionally help you to configure and tune DexGuard for your particular projects.

DexGuard is being received very well. Our customers value our rapid innovation and excellent support. You can read some testimonials here.

Start optimizing and protecting your apps now!

We offer different types of licenses: licenses per developer and corporate licenses, licenses with basic support and licenses with gold support.

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